Collision Course

Collision Course: An International Thriller


In COLLISION COURSE a world-renowned astronomer, Dr. Selena Hartmann, spins toward the precipice of world destruction with scientific knowledge that could simultaneously save the world and destroy her family.

Dr. Hartmann believes the consequences of launching a Star Wars-type defense program could be disastrous for our planet. Her visible enemies are the combined forces of big business and politics – the military-industrial complex.

But it is the hidden agenda of a supposed ally that proves far more sinister.

In COLLISION COURSE, real-time science dovetails with a highly charged plot, a cast of extraordinary characters, and break-neck pacing.

From a mountaintop in the French Alps to the beaches of Hawaii and “King Keck,” the world’s greatest observatory, the excitement culminates at the site of a billion-dollar, superconducting supercollider in Chile where a visionary developer plans a mission so treacherous that Carl Sagan warned against it in his book, PALE BLUE DOT.

Collision Course © 2015 - Susan Nichols Ferrara