A fast-paced exciting read with a very real asteroid-Earth collision issue…. Nice job. Ferrara must have done her homework well.

Dr. Donald Yeomans, Mgr., NASA Near-Earth Object Program Office, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

A gripping tale of intrigue and deception, of science and politics….Ferrara explores all of these–and more.

Dr. Brian G. Marsden, Director, Minor Planet Center, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Cambridge, MA

A little masterpiece of dynamic suspense and an impressive demonstration of how precarious our world is, both cosmically and socially.

Vladimir Strelnitski, Director, Maria Mitchell Observatory, Nantucket

Perfect for anyone who wants to experience a scientist’s emotional attachment with her (or his)work. ….wonderful insight….

Lauren Michele Sauer, President, Boston University Astronomical Society

A mesmerizing but totally believable tale of intrigue, politics, and human emotions. Superbly written. Hopefully, there will be a sequel!

Brig. Gen. Hugh S. Aitken, (Ret) USMC
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